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CrayFish Studios Services

Progress Begins With Exploration

 In order to get to our destination, we must first know where we are headed. That is why we live by a philosophy that is focused on a thorough understanding of what our client wants. In carrying out this mission, we conduct extensive research and usability tests so that we can identify valuable insights and develop a clear and concise scope of work. All of which help save you both time and money in the long run. Rest assured the finished product we deliver will fit your requirements to a "T".

It's About Findability

You could have the greatest website in the world, but if people can't find you, the whole effort is pointless. From selecting the right keywords, crafting meta title and description tags, to editing the copy, every website we develop is done according to strict Google webmaster guidelines. This gives your site that best chances of ranking high on the search engines. With our in-depth experience, we not only get results, but we also ensure that your site is easily accessible to those who seek the products or services you provide.

Fit and Form

In order to build a website that engages your users, you must understand their technical needs. However, you must also make the site you provide fitting for your organizational needs at the same time. This complicated relationship is why we specifically take the time to prepare web analytics before designing a comprehensive structure that works.

Expressing Who You Are

Your website isn't just there to serve a function, it is part of your brand, and part of who you are. For this reason, we take special care in understanding what you offer, what your business goals are, and what your organizational functions are so that the site we develop not only pleases your clients, but tells them your story. We even develop customized web based applications that can improve business functions and keep processes running smoothly.

It's all About the Layout

Once we have a sufficient grasp on who you are and the elements needed to portray you properly, we set out to develop a fitting structure. While keeping all your wants and needs in mind, we work to develop a layout that incorporates just the right amount of both eye-appealing and functional components necessary to tell your story. This is where the big picture begins to come together.

Functionality at its Finest

Although developing websites to function correctly is imperative, everything done in these processes has to consistently consider the end user; and that is what we do. By not only engaging your clients' interests but also meeting their needs, we successfully produce websites that are not only attractive, but functional. We build elegant, easy to use websites that simply make sense.

Eliminating Confusion Brings Results

Many technical experts let their jargon flow over into their communications with clients, which creates confusion and inhibits progress. That is why we, as experienced technical designers, make it our goal to communicate in a way that is universally understood by both experts and the layman. By doing this, we promote a clear process that quickly brings about better results.


No organization can advance without functional communication. This is why we specialize in developing intranet sites. Having a centralized place where employees can connect and share information is indispensible, and we aim to help you reap those benefits.

You Have the Power

Websites are a great extension of your organization, but keeping them up to date is imperative. That is why we set our designs up in a way that allows our clients to easily make changes to information they display. From open-source content management, using interfaces such as WordPress or Joomla, to custom built CMS specifically tailored to your needs, we put the power in your hands.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Developing a website that incorporates effective SEO techniques isn't just placing the correct keywords in certain spots. Instead, it's a comprehensive task that involves everything from well written content to title tags, and site structures to backlinks. We use a proven holistic approach that addresses all the various elements of the site as a sum total with one goal in mind. Ranking the website for your desired search phrases.

Paid Ads: Effective Digital Advertising

Managing your PayPerClick account allows us to achieve the best possible returns on your requirements and budget. Our account specialists work on the basics: keyword, demographic and geographic analysis to the advanced: split A/B testing, persuasive call to actions and more. Our marketing consulting services are developed specifically to help you measure, assess, and make necessary adjustments that will in turn, maximize your returns.

Expert Consulting

Although developing a functional website from the ground up creates optimal form and function, we also excel at improving existing sites. Through careful analysis, we examine your website's structure, content, call to actions, SEO needs, and end user functionality. This allows us to identify limitations and suggest changes that will trigger a more positive reaction, not only to your existing rankings, but also your conversion ratio.