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Articles and Resources

Responsive Vs. Adaptive Web Design
An article detailing the impact of responsive web design compared to adaptive layouts.

New Ways of Navigating Websites
An article on the evolution of website navigational interfaces.

Location Aware Browsing
How location plays a part in your internet browsing experience today

Designing for User Experience
Best user experience design practices

2012 Web Design Trends
What are the top 7 trends for web design in 2012?

The Twilight of Flash
What's next for Flash usage on websites?

3 Tips for Handling Your Next Web Design Brief
3 Tips to handle your next web design brief like a pro and give the client just what they want.

A Web Designer's Guide to Social Media
Learn how to take advantage of social media as a web designer and to catch and communicate with potential customers or other sources of revenue.

Fundamentals of Responsive Design
5 specific techniques that successful web designers use to make their webpages more responsive on a wide variety of devices; phones, tablets, and "phablets".

Tips for What Web Designers Can Learn from Google's Material Design
Use these top tips to learn from Google's Material Design language and implement changes in your designs.

Transform design limitations into design success
You don't have to be negative about design limitations, just find space to work while following the client's rules.