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Our Process

 It is no secret that to get ahead in business today, you need a strong web presence. Developing and maintaining that presence is a little trickier. There is no one-size-fits all approach to website design. You need to consider the purpose of the site, the desired client base, content, appearance, and the method of tracking results. With so many variables, creation may seem daunting. A bad build will do you more harm than good, because of difficulty in maintenance and harm to your reputation. It is essential, therefore, to choose a reliable company to develop and maintain your website.

Just having a web presence is no longer sufficient – your website has to convey what your business does in an effective and pleasing way. You need potential customers to enjoy their time on your site and be able to easily purchase your goods and services. CrayFish Studios provides personalized and dedicated end-to-end service. We track the customer in as much depth as possible. Though this process is rigorous, it results in websites that get your business. Our method also gives you a site that will be adaptable to future technology.

Ours is a six-stage process:


Our first step is to talk to you, the customer. We find out your specific requirements, what functionality you will require, who comprises your customer base, and what your business does. We will find out what you want your website to look like, what you want users to achieve, and what you believe your customers require. CrayFish Studios looks at the marketplace in which you operate and from there determines the best way to achieve your objectives through a user-friendly interface. As part of the education process, we offer you relevant options that may be useful in the future.

CrayFish understands that your website needs to be an extension of your current practices. To make this happen, we need both research and input from you. Through this information, we gain a unique perspective on your organization that enables us to create a website precisely tailored to your needs. Your site will look professional and stay robust as the internet changes. We create a concise brief to guide you and us through the development process. This stage is vital to open dialogue between you and our professionals.

This is not the only time we seek your input, of course – ours is an inclusive process – but the research stage gives us the best possible education. Nothing we learn in this phase is useless – we weed out non-essential knowledge later, but the company that gives us the most knowledge will have the best possible site.


It is said that to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail. At CrayFish, we prepare so that we succeed. In this step, we match your requirements to the information we have gathered in order to give you the best possible service and end product. It is at this stage that the website really starts to form as a plan. During this phase, we compare and contrast your product and site with competitors so that you get a highly relevant website. We ensure your site is unique. Preparation also allows us to figure out what will not work for you.

With you, we will look at what content to include on your site. We want to create a site that is full of information but streamlined to prevent confusion. We take great care to discuss what we think will work for you and what does not so that you are as informed as possible. This process helps you explain your wants and needs.


The next stage allows us to offer options about the look and feel of your website and let you decide what you want to include. Work from the previous two stages heavily informs this stage. Because we question you and communicate regularly, you and CrayFish personnel will be on the same page.

At this point, we start to match the functionality your site requires with likely features. The choices made in this phase form the backbone of your online operation, creating an attractive and intuitive path for your clientele. We will let you know what features and processes our experience has taught us will work with your needs and wants.

We can start assembling a streamlined website that is relevant to your customer base. We will examine the aesthetic values of your site in concert with what it needs to do, so that we have a plan for a visually pleasing and functional site. We proceed here with you in close consultation so that we match your expectations. You can inform us of any particular artistic style you desire.


This may be the phase during which you choose to have the least input, since our personnel is well-trained in the complex work of actually creating a website.

We map out the forming website as we go. We need do this in order to make the site easy to use, maintain, and navigate. Though smaller businesses may not need 24/7 support for online customers, they usually require an online checkout or contact form. Not only do we make the finished product easy to navigate, we keep it distinct from and more impressive than the sites of your competitors. This phase covers online checkout and analytics. All the needs you expressed in the earlier stages become concrete here.

It is essential that your website be as adaptable and updatable as your business requires so you can react to variables. We will discuss potential scenarios so that your website works its hardest at all times.

CrayFish Studios rigorously stress-tests your website in this phase to ensure that every function performs as it should. This is the last private time to deal with any issues, so we take stress testing very seriously. We double- and triple-check every aspect of the site so that both we and you can be confident it will perform at the highest level.

We will also demonstrate the website for you and make any changes and corrections you need. As previously we provide feedback to you so that you understand your site.

Website Launch

This is the big moment! This is the birth of your website, when it is available to the public for the first time. Nothing can be left to chance at this stage. CrayFish Studios monitor the launch closely to promptly detect and eliminate any bugs or problems. Though we test rigorously, we still watch the launch closely. Though we never anticipate problems, we have plans in place should they occur.

We watch the launch and solve any problems that occur. In addition, we track the development and implementation of the website and report any findings to you. In this, as in other phases, your reputation and requirements are at the forefront of our minds. This is also an excellent time for you to ask any remaining questions you have about the process or the website itself.


Unlike many developers, CrayFish Studios considers upkeep an essential part of the service we offer. We work with you to ensure you have the requisite knowledge base to maintain and update your website and to be able to analyze your traffic. To give the customers the best service and get the most from them, you need this information.

Hit counters are long gone, making way for far more sophisticated methods of analyzing traffic and search engine optimization. Done well, the maximal amount of customers will appear at your "door." An effective website is one that can adjust to the changing online landscape, so we will be sure your site is adaptable. If you can keep your website relevant, you will stay ahead of the game.

During this phase, you should also consider how to market your site both on and off the internet. Be sure to consider what will be most cost-effective and productive.

In short, creating and maintaining a website is not a swift or simple process – it is not something you should throw together with a cheap template on a slow morning. When it works well, it is usually due to a good relationship between the client and the developer – a relationship with open lines of communication. If you have put off creating a good website, reconsider. When it is up and running, you will wonder what took you so long.

We cannot build a website perfectly tailored to your needs without your honest communication. The more detailed and straightforward, the easier our job! We pride ourselves on being open and collaborative. Even when our work is technical, we break it down into language the layperson understands. There is no point in our suggesting something you do not understand.

Each stage differs in scope and work required, but they are all essential. They feed information into each other and are interdependent. Through this process, we can create the website you want and the website you need. A website is as much a representation of your business as it is a store front or showroom. It pays the highest dividends when it is accessible, smart-looking, and functional.

You will see we have put the thought and work necessary to create a sensible and strong process for website creation while keeping the essential element of communication. We are always happy to discuss our process and your needs with you, so for more details and a quote, please contact us today!