Search Engine Optimization

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the impact web marketing or promotion has on businesses. More people are using the Internet as their first stop when researching a product or service and the trend is increasing markedly every year. With over 80 percent of consumers using the Internet for research before making a decision and with over 94 percent of Google users scanning only the first page, your business will benefit from a professionally optimized site.

We adhere strictly to the use of the white hat search engine optimization guidelines as given by Google. This will give you the confidence that your website will not be blacklisted on search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
It goes without saying that the best search rankings lead to higher traffic, more clients and better business. CrayFish Studios recognizes that a basic SEO site may not be enough if you are to remain competitive in a world where almost every website today is optimized for essential keyword phrases. To help you remain competitive, we go beyond the basics and look at how to incorporate tougher-to-rank keyword phrases.

To make it affordable for you, we take care of everything, from setup to SEO implementation, at a flat monthly fee. Here is the breakdown of our SEO services:

Keyword Research
Keywords are always relevant and help you reach your target audience much more effectively. We consult with you to determine the best possible keywords to fit your industry and business niche.

Search engines still largely rely on links to your website to determine the popularity of your products, services and ultimately your website ranking. These links act as votes for your website. We can design, build and start a backlink campaign to ensure that major search engines visit and index your site more often. This means that you will not need to submit your site to the main search engines for indexing.

Website Structure
Your website structure plays an important role in your search engine rankings and to ensure that this works for you, we make it more user-friendly. We make your metatags and title tags the best they can be, as well as looking at link accessibility, CSS and JavaScript files. This is a default step for every website that we build.

Relevant Web Copy
We develop high quality original content so that your web copy is appropriate for search engines. We regularly update the content as well to ensure that search engines are visiting your site more frequently and ranking it even higher.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search engine marketing is all about online ads. We identify and place optimized ads on relevant high traffic websites as well as arranging for text ads at the top, bottom or side of search engine results.

We research, setup and maintain your pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns by bidding on keywords and keyword phrases, monitoring and ensuring that the ads are displayed on search engines.

We also research and track relevant sites in your industry where it makes good advertising sense to place your ads and direct traffic to your website.

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